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Bilsdale Boundaries


Rievaulx Cartulary - edited by Cannon Atkinson for the Surtees Society, 1889. Walter Espec's grant of Bilsdale to Rievaulx is set out in Cartulary no XLII pp16

North Riding parish boundaries before 1832    

Divisions of Helmsley parish before 1850

Divisions of Hawnby parish before 1850

The group is continuing to research the precise boundary of Walter Espec's grant of land to Rievaulx Abbey, particularly in the vicinity of Urra Moor, and along the Rievaulx/Kirkham boundary in Raisdale.  If you know of any plans of these boundaries please let us know.

Is the illustrated Helmsley Parish the same as Helmsley Manor?

We are also seeking further information about the divisions shown in the map by Genuki above.  When were these divisions initially defined and why, where is the source material?

When was Helmsley Parish reduced to its current boundaries?  When was Laskill Pasture incorporated into Hawnby Parish?  Bilsdale Midcable Parish was created by combining four divisions in 1898.

If you would like further information about interpreting Cartulary no CLII please contact us.

Published: 26 2022

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