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Memories of Bilsdale

Over the past 20 years residents have been sharing with us their recollections about growing up and working in Bilsdale.  These provide a fascinating insight into the life of the dale in the early 20th century. This was a time of rapid change.  In the fields horses gave way to tractors, the rough track through Bilsdale was improved to provide a main road from Halmsley to Stokesley and the first cars were bought by the wealthier residents of the dale.  People from Hartlepool travelled by coach to Scaborough and stopped at the Sun Inn for refreshments.  Most of the dale had been in a single ownership for generations but in 1944 it was sold by auction so, for the first time, local families had an opportunity to buy their houses and farmes - there was applause in the room when William Ainsley bought the Sun Inn.  These local events were influened by the broader social and economic changes taking place throughout Britian and the impact of two world wars.

The Bilsdale Local History Group has started a project to summarise this period of change as described by the people who lived through them.

This is "work in progress" and will develop a we gradually add more information from the interviews and develop the structure..

Please let us know if you have any commentsor if you wouldlike to become involved in this propject.

Here are some notes about progress so far.


Published: 20 2019 (Updated: 18 2021)

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