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Early Man

As the ice retreated occasional hunting parties may have visited the heath grasslands and open woodlands of southern Bilsdale. At this time (Mesolithic)Britain was still part of the European land mass. Initially they probably stayed during the warmer months, May to September.  These early hunter gatherers burnt the forest clearings to help shrub regeneration and provide an area where it was easier to kill animals and so contributed to the erosion of the fertile soils.

By 5000BC sea levels had risen, Britian had become an island and the early agriculture developed. The Neolithic settlements were located on the limestone belt. Check for information specific to Bilsdale. Forest clearance continued.

Bronze Age - (2000 - 600 BC) warmer climate, permanent occupation, trees progressively felled, crops grown on moor tops, but soil eroded, farming collapsed. heathland spread and peat formed.  Earthworks above Urra, bridestones on Tripsdale, field systems on Bilsdale West Moor, cairns, standing stones and burial mounds. Check and develop these points

Iron Age - There is evidence of hill forts and settlements on the Moors but is there anything specifically is Bilsdale?

Roman - again is there anything in Bilsdale

Angles and Saxons - mainly place names

To be completed, further contributions welcomed.

Published: 22 2016 (Updated: 26 2022)

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