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Bilsdale Survey, 1781

"A correct survey of Bilsdale in the county of York, the estate of Charles Slingsby Duncombe Esqr. with reference to a plan of the same (numbered),  Taken in the year of our Lord 1781 by William Calvert of Sutton upon Trent, Notts."

The following extract gives details of the farms and tenants in the order they appear in the survey:

1   Garfit             Richard Tate

2   Hasty Bank   John Carter

3   Hasty Bank   Richard Medd

4  West Park       Anthony Coverdale

5   Arrow            John Ward

6   Arrow            William Hart

7   Arrow            Jonathan Ward

8   Arrow            James Coverdale

9   Arrow            Thomas York

10   Arrow          John Hugill in 1781

                           Thoms leng, Thomas Hugil & William Barker in 1782

11   Arrow          Thomas Dawson

12   Arrow          John Tate

13   Bread Field  Leonard Leng

14   Bread Field  Richard Leng

15   Norwoods     William Hart

16   Bank House  Jonathan Hugil

17   Cows Hill     Joseph Ward, senior

18   Akit              Joseph Ward, jun.

19   Stocking       Mark Long

20   Hill House    Thomas Leng

21   Mill Farm     Richard Garbutt

22   Tranmer       Thomas Hugil

23  Seave Green  Joseph Trousdale

24  Sevae Green  Thomas Garbut

25   East Moor Bank  Thomas Ward

26  Stoners Court  William Ward

27   Esp House     William Leng

28   Clay House    Robert Garbut

29   Potter House   John Barton

30   Cockfleet       John Ainsley

31   West Cote      Robert Mead

32   Ewe Hill        John Hugil

33   Low Crislets  William Wood

34   High Crislets  John Medd

35  Raisdale Mill Farm  William Garbut

36  Clough           William Hunton

37  Staindale        James Brittain

38  Staindale        Stephen Brittain

39  Wait house     George Priestman

40  Upper Boomfleet  George Atkinson

41  Nether Broomfleet  William leng

42  Clay House     George Hart

43  HallGarth       John Garbut

44  Cold Moor Court  William Garbut

45  Beakhills        Richard Garbut

46  Beakhills        David Saunderson


149 House at Orrow

281 Shoulder of Mutton public house  John Medd

278 House & garden   Grace Saunderson

218 House & garden   Thomas Leng

318 House           Jane Wood

315 House           James Raiby

316 School House   Bilsdale Overseers

312 Bakers Coffee House & Garden   John Baker

254 House & garth   Thomas Saunderson

390 House & garth   Paul Hunton


1   Breckhouse      John Garbut

2   Hawtherley      Thomas Wilson

3   Hawtherley       Jas. Garbut

4   Hawtherley       Stephen Atkinson

5   Williambeck    William Atkinson

6   Ellermire         William Hugil

7   Ellermire          Joshua Hugil

8   Cham House & Broad Ing   Joseph Hugil

9   Crookley         Ann Medd

10  Crookley        William Hoggard

11  Beaconguest   Thomas Hoggard

12  Carle head       John Leng

13  Stingamires     John Garbut

14  Stableholm      William Hart

15  Grange            John Raiby

16  Grange            William Garbut

17  Crossholm       Geo. Hoggard

18  Thornhill         Isaac Trowsdale

19  Oak house       Geo. Hoggard

20  Studfast hill     John Hoggard

21  Hag House      John Garbut

22  Cow Helm       Wm. Atkinson

23  Low helm        Wm. Atkinson

24  Cow helm        William Ward

25  Appletree hurst   John Hoggard

26  Studsty            John Nags

27  High Ewe Coat   John Garbut

to be continued

Published: 19 2016

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