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Iron Smelting

There is evidence of iron working in the Middles Ages in Bilsdale.  The iron stone seams in the Jurassic rocks of the surrounding area provided the raw materials for the steel industry in Middlesbrough, but they were also mined in Bilsdale.

The university of Bradford carried out research during 1994-2002 and sites of medieval bloomaries have been found at Timberholme, Woolhouse Croft, Oak House, Smithy Ellers south of Low Crossett Farm, Low Crosset and at the Grange at a field called "Cinder Hills".  A brief reference to this research is below, but further information is required.  Please let us know if you can help : ed.

Further details of the iron making process to be included.

At Laskill there was a major bloomery.  Need to check the relationship with Rievaulx Abbey.  Bygone Bilsdale indicates "a blast furnace was built in 1576-77 and produced about 13cwt a day.  A new furnace in 1587increased output to over a ton".

The Main seam outcrops west of the river Seph at Spout House and Fangdale Beck.  At Stingamires the seam is 1ft 6ins high, which is quite good for the area.  The Dogger seam is exposed on Snilesworth moor and is about 5ft thick.  A small band of the Eller Beck Bed crosses the road above William Beck Farm and there are outcropsof the Avicular seam near Low Crossett Farm.  (check these details  - any comments welcome : ed)

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