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Bygones of Bilsdale Exhibition, 2010

In 2009 Joan Richardson discussed an idea with some local people to prepare an exhibition at St Hilda’s church. The agreed theme, “Bygones of Bilsdale”, was to depict Bilsdale over the last hundred years with artifacts, memorabilia and flowers.

27 different themes were agreed and small groups started to research their topics. Some useful information was taken from “Bygone Bilsdale” published by the Bilsdale Study Group in 1992.

The exhibition took place from 29th to 31st May, 2010. It was a great success with more than 1000 people visiting the church and over £2,000 was raised for church funds.

The main headings for the exhibition were:


The contributors are listed below:

 Tea in the Hayfield - Dory Read

Bilsdale Forges and Jet Mining - John Rees

Bilsdale Midcable Primary School - school children & teachers

The Inkerman Free Gift - Colin Harrison

Font Flowers - Margaret Brown, Kath Callen and Anne Ford

Christenings - Katherine Smith

Observer Corps - Dory Reed

Rememberance - Davina Barker

Milk Production - John and Freda Hunwick & Vicki Bowker

Sheep Production - John and Freda Hunwick & Vicki Bowker

Corn Mills - Roy Barker

St Hilda’s Altar - Doris Atkinson

Authors and Poets - Joan Richardson

Sunday School - Jill Cunningham

Bilsdale Brides - Margaret Harrison

Bilsdale Hunt - Carol McGee

Chop Gate Cricket Club - George Cook

Flowers - Joan Richardson

Vestments and Vicars - Anne Rees

Altar Flowers - Margaret Brown, Kath Callen and Anne Ford

Bilsdale Silver Band - Ida Atkinson

Churchwardens - Past and Present - Jeffrey Richardson

Flowers in memory of Ruth Scott - Dory Reed

Weddings - Carol McGee

Bilsdale Agricultural Show - Ruby Garbutt & Sue Barker

People of Bilsdale - Margaret Harrison

The Bennison Family - Margaret Harrison

Old Maps and Surveys - Malcolm Bowes

















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